Who We Are

At Eden Valley Creative we use digital technologies for optimal user experience and freedom of expression.

With over fifteen years of experience in digital business strategy, web development and online marketing, we offer the quality, performance, and long-term support of a web agency at affordable freelance rates.Proudly powered by

Ella Eden Valley Creative


Hello, I am the creative mind behind Eden Valley Creative.

I am passionate about online success and am on a quest to help businesses become more successful in the digital world. 

I develop and deliver sustainable digital business solutions and create optimal user experiences with minimalist WordPress websites.

When I am not busy creating, I am out and about exploring the delightful Eden Valley or Lake District National Park.



Hello there! I am the copywriter and website builder at Eden Valley Creative.

Being passionate about language and writing, I create appealing content to suit your business’s needs.

When I am away from the web, I enjoy writing about and photographing nature, the wildlife and landscapes of the Lake District being excellent subjects.

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