Email Marketing: Things You Should Know

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Subject line: Be careful in your choice of words and don’t exaggerate – messages with subject lines such as ‘The best products ever’ are likely to be treated as spam and filtered out or deleted before being read.

Keep it relevant, engaging and consistent: You should keep it simple, front load your sentences with key words and consider personalising by including the recipient’s name. Keep a consistent approach to each edition to convey professionalism.

Highlight the most important content at the top: You should always put your most important content at the top of your newsletter so it has the best chance of being read.

Opting out: You’re legally required to give recipients the opportunity to stop receiving your newsletter. You should have an ‘unsubscribe’ option on every edition you send out.

Measure your campaigns: Monitor and measure the performance of your email campaigns to ensure you establish what works and what doesn’t in terms of content, subject line, time of issue etc. You should track a number of metrics including open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates.


E-Commerce Success Depends on Collaboration

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Delivering an integrated digital service that meets your customers’ expectations depends upon effective collaboration between your digital teams and other departments and stakeholders. From a structural point of view, there’s value in assigning a dedicated team and team leader to each major customer journey. These cross-unit teams should also include representatives from across your different channels, as well as from supporting teams such as marketing.

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