Web Development Workflow

1. Requirements: Establishing the stage of your business and/ or creating a marketing plan and/ or establishing the maturity and size of your website and/ or online shop. Defining the scope, features and deadlines for delivery. For small websites, this can take up to 1 week, for medium to large websites, this can take up to 4 weeks. For enterprise e-Commerce websites this process can take a couple of months.

2. Design: First phase visual design, second phase front-end development. Working together to establish the overall visual design concepts. Agreeing on a WordPress theme as a basis for the final design, then creating the concept with a graphic design software, for the client to be signed off.

3. Development: Installing and configuring the WordPress theme we agreed on and/or WooCommerce. Installing and configuring all required plugins. Implementing any custom features and functionality. Adapting and customising the WordPress theme according to the project scope. Developer and project manager quality assurance and testing.

4. Testing: Beta release and performance testing. Cross browser testing. Testing on mobile devices. Code freezing.

5. Handover and Training: Once the code is frozen, all products and associated content are loaded for production use. Training the client on how to use the content management system.

6. Consulting, Maintenance and Support: Offering optional support contracts to take care of the security and maintenance of your web projects and consulting services to increase visibility and revenue of your brand/ product.